Jun 18, 2013

Thank you again, David Thomson,

And it took me forever (way too long) to finally see it, but Céline et Julie vont en bateau, a film by Jacques Rivette from 1974, is everything you have claimed and/or promised, and is an absolutely delectable, magical wonderful treat that everyone should see.

And, myself, I even had a magical dream like reaction to it last night.  The film is long, over three hours, so I was watching it in pieces, and I fell asleep during a certain part, and when I awoke, there was a funny taste in my mouth, and, and as I lifted my body to a sitting position on the sofa, and leaned my head forward, I had the strangest but v real sensation that something had fallen out of my mouth and onto the carpet.  (A sweet?)

Dominique Labourier as Julie

I do not know how Rivette and his amazing actors, Dominique Labourier as Julie and Juliet Berto as Céline, do this.  The film seems so simply made.  I am not completely in touch with how the spell is cast, so much as still enchanted by the spell itself.

I v easily caught on to the Alice in Wonderland reference, and understand the power of magic, tarot, and telepathy in this film; and the melodramatic mystery that plays like a film loop in the haunted house (7 bis, rue du Nadir-aux-Pommes) makes perfect sense to me, coming from a filmmaker who makes extremely long films, of a theatrical nature, suggesting that cinema is life, life is cinema, and that if we find the magical key (a sweet?) we can enter the picture and change cinema, and change our own lives.

 Labourier as Julie and Juliet Berto as Céline

Yet, still, I do not know if I am seriously fully able to examine this motion picture.  In fact, I know I am not.  But, I will say this:  This is a childlike motion picture that is very grown up.  This is a Woman's Picture.  This is a murder mystery.  This motion picture is literally an incantation, a movie spell cast upon all of us.  It is a very real and human film that forcefully suggests in the slyest sort of way that magic is real, and we only need to find the key within each of us to make magic alive.

Once again, Thank you David Thomson, for a couple of books you have written, that have been my personal key to a whole new magical world of cinema that I had no idea existed before I "met" them, and "you".  


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