Jun 3, 2013

It is the organization, Stupid!

I know it is an SSSS (Super Small Sample Size), but here is the number one prospect in baseball, Texas Rangers' infielder, Jurickson Profar's top line slash so far this season, since being called up from AAA Round Rock to fill in for Ian Kinsler -- who is on the DL -- .324/.350/.514.

(h/t to Rooster at Lone Star Ball) Look at that smile.

The Rangers are in an interesting situation.  They just extended Kinsler to a big time deal, and are not excited or eager to move him off of second base.  They also extended their SS, Elvis Andrus, to a big time deal, and he is absolutely not going anywhere.

Profar, meanwhile, is twenty years old, and his first position is SS, but has been playing mostly 2B with the Rangers in The Show.

The Rangers, barring some horrific sudden collapse, look to be in contention all season long, and are expected to be buyers at the trade deadline.  The Rangers need bullpen help first, and probably a boost to their rotation, as well.

What do you do?

I would much rather trade Kinsler and keep budding superstar Profar on the cheap.  (He is still making the minimum right now.) But, is there any one out there who wants Kinsler bad enough (and be willing to pay his large salary) and still be willing to give us something of value.  It would prob have to be something like a one for one deal, a starting pitcher with a large salary of his own. (Cliff Lee?)

There were so many years in the past where I would have loved to have problems like these.  The Rangers are truly a great organization now.  The 2013 Texas Rangers continue to maintain one of the best records in baseball despite serious injuries to its' rotation, and a below average bullpen. Plus, Beltre is day to day now; Kinsler is on the DL, and A. J. Pierzynski has spent time there, as well.  You might think it was luck (we are only one third of the way through the season) but the Rangers sport one of the best run differentials in the Majors, too.

I remember a time back in the Aughts when the Rangers stunk, and the Oakland Athletics were so good.  It seemed no matter who the A's brought up, or traded for -- especially pitching wise --  they would perform so well for the ballclub.  Whereas, it was the exact opposite for the Rangers.  It is the organization, Stupid!

No matter what business you run, sports or even Whole Foods Market, if you have great training (coaching), and you instill a sense of passion or ownership in your players (team members), and put them in a position to succeed, then they will.

The Billy Beane Athletics have been doing that for over a decade now (with some ups and downs, for sure.) But, so have the Nolan Ryan/Jon Daniels/Ron Washington Texas Rangers, too.

We finally figured it out.  What great problems to have.

Watch the MLB Must C video, please. He sprints around the bases. It is beautiful.


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