Jun 22, 2013

The Wife and I are going to go see Bling Ring tomorrow.

I do not have high expectations for this film, and if it is bad it will break a neat little streak the Wife and I are on, seeing movies in theaters these days.

We liked Trance (a massive flop); Ginger & Rosa was really really good; The Great Gatsby was not awful; and then the streak really got going, watching Frances Ha, What Maisie Knew, and Much Ado About Nothing over three consecutive weekends.

Renee and I have a kind of morbid curiosity about Bling Ring, because we were faithful watchers of Pretty Wild, perhaps the worst reality show ever.  One of the thieves in the Bling Ring was a "cast member" of the program, along with her two sisters.  The show was practically soft core pornographic, and was sickeningly entertaining; a legitimate Guilty Pleasure (that expression is over used I think.)

Pretty Wild most certainly should be considered the ne plus ultra example of all the worst things about Capitalism and 21st Century North American/Western Culture.

If we end up appreciating Bling Ring in a camp good bad sort of way, I think we would consider that a victory.

Whatever.  Gonna be with the Wife in the City on a beautiful Summer day, trying out a new restaurant.  Tomorrow is going to be great.

Whoa! Just saw this, looking for images of whatsername, ...


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