Jun 25, 2013

The decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 will be handed down tomorrow.

The speculation is that Roberts is reading the Prop 8 decision, and Justice Kennedy is reading the DOMA decision.  I repeat, that is only speculation.

My personal gut reaction to those rumors, is Prop 8's defenders will be shown to have no standing for the case, meaning a narrow victory for Marriage Equality in California (or not.) Good grief! Lawyers and Judges, the law! What a mess!

And, as for a Kennedy majority decision on DOMA, who the frick knows? Literally, it could go either way.  Although one SCOTUSblog expert seems to suggest that Kennedy could be writing the decision in favor of destroying DOMA, preferring that Marriage be a strictly state by state issue, wanting the Federal Government out of it, altogether.

Meanwhile the Supremes did some slick dancing around and over the Voting Rights Act, saying that section V of it is constitutional, and needed, but that section IV is not.  Section IV is the part that made some states have to get their new voting laws checked by the federal government before they could apply them.  That is all gone now as of today.  The Supremes insisted (5-4, Ginsburg dissented, and she is pissed) that it would be up to the Congress now to make new laws re keeping a watchful thorough eye for any racist voter suppression laws.  Which ain't gonna happen of course, so, that was a big big victory for voter suppression today.

Tomorrow be the day, folks!

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