Jun 24, 2013

Yes, that is right,

Veep went there last night -- its final episode of season two -- and used the c-word on American television.  Good for them.  And, it was perfectly appropriate, and, honestly, a pretty accurate description of our "public servants" at "work" in our nation's capital, when Vice President Selina Meyer finally told us all what D.C. really stands for.

This was an absolutely smashing -- if you will pardon the expression re Veep's penultimate episode of season two -- season for Iannucci, Dreyfuss, Chlumsky, Hale, and all the writers and other "veeple" involved with this incredibly smart and swear-y series.

My favorite thread, or arc, this season was the brilliant depiction of sexism, and the objectification of powerful attractive women.  There was a run of episodes near the middle where so many of the male characters could only relate to the very attractive Vice President in a sexual way.  Women have had and are still having to deal with this "Axis of Dick" issue forever.  Everything a powerful woman does in so many cultures always ends up being reduced to the lowest common denominator of how "hot" she is doing it, or whether she plays up her "hotness", or plays it down.

The Axis of Dick described by Meyer really does exist, and it is our mission to tear that shit down once and for all.  (A little more every day.  A little more every day.)

I also liked how they gave Meyer more power, more responsibility, and let her succeed a bit more this year.  She is a still a typical In the Loop/The Thick of It Public Servant type, saying the wrong thing so often, hot mic problems, terrible advice, rash judgements, etc, ... But, this year, you more got the feeling that Selina might end up on top when all is said and done.

I do not even know if I could begin to track down all the great insults, and nicknames that season two produced, so, I am not even going to bother.  Maybe I will find a link for you guys.  But, no, now that I think of it, I will not.

Just watch the show.  However you can, whenever you can.  Veep is hands down, by far, my favorite television program in years, since The Wire, actually.

Great great stuff.  See ya next year, Veep!


P.S.  The video above will most certainly be taken down soon.  Watch it while you can!


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