Jul 7, 2011


So, after a few cynical, not so pretty posts, here you are:  A boodle full of wedding pictures, hoo-rah!

Our Secret Service Agent makes sure it is safe to get in the car.

Proud parents with the license.

"Thanks for coming to the Fundraiser, let me assure you that Medicare and Social Security are off the table."

Renee loves this photo.

Sweetie and Meghan order cocktails

A stunner.  One for the ages.  Like the Cheshire Cat's grin from the tree vanishing before Alice's eyes.  I'm going to publish this photo everywhere.


There was a lot of laughter, a lot of throw back laughs, too.  Nick, the Super Witness.


Chicks, man.

Mum and Da

Mum, stealing a glance at Mean Mr mustard photo, I suspect.

More near throw back laughs.

Leaving City Hall

Walking off in to the Sunset.  

Renee and I love urban blight.

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