Jul 18, 2011

No wonder

She liked the name her Nanny gave her.  She was christened Georgette Lizette Withers.  Ugh.  So Googie would do just great.
Googie wonders if a turtleneck is really necessary.

Googie Withers has been one of my favorite movie stars for a long time now.  She passed away yesterday at ninety-four in Australia, a year after her second husband and co-star in the magnificent, Hamer directed, It Always Rains On Sunday, passed.

Googie was so beautiful, tall and slender as a lily, with high cheekbones and a full, ripe mouth that was even more sexy when it said something snide or sarcastic.  She had two of her directors fall in love with her, incl one who was quite gay, thank you v much, Robert Hamer; and when Googie was done with being a movie star, she and her husband moved to Australia.  She did a lot of theatre down under, and the occasional movie or teevee appearance, incl the movie, Shine.  Unfortunately, one of my fave performances of hers is still not available stateside on dvd.  That would be Dead of Night, an Ealing omnibus horror flick, that is absolutely smashing.  A real popcorn munching film entertainment that is essential viewing.  So, it'll be It Always Rains On Sunday here at the house today.

Goodbye, Ms Withers.

"You and your darts, ... "

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