Jul 24, 2011

Liner Notes for Beatles cds I made for Nick C

Yes, the Beatles DID ROK! & here is proof.  Suk it, Crosetti.

I Saw Her Standing There
Greil Marcus, one of the greatest rok critics ever (& a huge Stones fan) still maintains Paul's countoff is 1-2-3-Fuck! He writes for ArtForum, who am I to doubt him?
There's A Place
You can smell the tobacco in the air.  A young man's gritty, grimey, No. England timeless masterpiece.  (Yor Stones boies were posh, went to London Unis.)
The Beatles simply obliterate Motown.  It is not even close.
Some Other Guy
This is live, an olde Skiffle/nascent UK rok classic.  Shame the Beatles ne'er did it in the studio.
Soldier Of Love
They're covering one of the all-time R&B greats, Arthur Alexander.  Alexander wrote it, years ahead of its' time.  (The Stones covered Alexander, also, not nearly as well.)
You Can't Do That
This was the b-side to Can't Buy Me Love.  Lennon was pissed he didn't have the a-side for the first time.  Classic.
I'll Get You
I love this.  It's a live track in the UK that shows what Beatlemania was like back then.  An amazing historical document, you can hear McCartney & Lennon's audible grins, amazed at what has happened.
Long Tall Sally
ONE TAKE! The only outfit that has successfully covered Little Richard is the Fab Four.
I Feel Fine/She's A Woman
Where do I start? The greatest single of all time? (Both tracks made up a single in '64) The first use of feedback on a record, I Feel Fine? Paul's amazing pot-influenced, three minute busting, one chord juggernaut (Renee's all-time fave Beatles track)? Nineteen- fucking-sixty-four.
Rock And Roll Music/Kansas City
The Beatles once again prove that NOBODY can touch their mastery at covering rock and roll classics.
Ticket To Ride
Metal 20 years ahead of its' time.
I'm Down
& then there's I'm Down.  Basically the Beatles goofing off, spoofing US rock at the time, & simultaneously creating an all-time Rock Standard.  Just ask Greil Marcus, he lives in Berkeley.
If You've Got Trouble
HILARIOUS! Even Ringo could tell he was getting short-shrift from Lennon/McCartney on this one.  "Rock on, ANYBODY!" is a big joke here at our house.
Drive My Car
During their mid-period the Beatles did some great "joke songs" , Michelle, Girl, Norwegian Wood, I'm Down, etc, ... Drive My Car is the most rocking, a brutally difficult, Stax-worthy Soul number.  Drive My Car even has a punch line,
The Word
A killer.  An absolute classic.  Listen to that bass line.
I'm Looking Through You
An earlier version that the group should have stuck to IMHO.
12 Bar Original
The Beatles trying to be Booker T. & the MGs.  They failed, miserably, but it is of good historical notice.
Day Tripper
FUK YOU, Crosetti! I'll always believe that Day Tripper is a better SONG than Satisfaction.  Otis Redding covered both.

Yeh, you loser, here's some more of the greatest rock band of all-time.  Suk on't!

I'm Only Sleeping (Rehearsal)
This is great, the group noodling around on the vibraphone for one of their all-time classics.  It wasn't used & I'm Only Sleeping isn't incl here b/c it doesn't rock hard enough for Nik Crosetti.  (You're really missing out, I'm not kidding.)
Paperback Writer
I din't really like this track until I heard the mono version.  Masterpiece.
Even tho George wrote it, this is a McCartney tour-de-force.  McCartney plays the slippery rocking bass-line, & the scorching raga guitar solo (that sounds like it's backwards but is not.)
Tomorrow Never Knows
You Know My Name
Python before Python.  No wonder George footed the bill for Life of Brian.  & yeh, that's Brian Jones of the STONES on saxophone.  (jeez, ... )
Lady Madonna
One of my fave parts of the video anthology series is when Paul talks aboot meeting Fats Domino, Fats had a big diamond ring, the shape of a big star.  The Beatles respected their forebears.
Hey Jude
Yeh, it don't RAWK like Free Bird but it is one of the greatest songs of all-time, & the greatest expression ever of post-pubescent male sexual sensitivity ever.  & the mono version kiks the stereo version's ass.
I'm So Tired
Here Lennon shows he's the greatest rock singer of all-time.
The Beatles songs, as much as you'd like them to disappear, never will, Nik.  Ha-ha! From the cradle to the grave there will always be Beatle moments & Beatle fans.  Birthday is case in point, a toss-off fun song the group recorded to heal wounds within the group that has become as ingrained in western culture as "The Birthday Song".  Suk on that, Crosetti.
Yer Blues
Once again, like I'm Down, the Beatles created an all-time rock classic out of spoofing the UK music at the time.  (See the Bonzos' Can Blue Men Play the Whites.) (Or any fucking Clapton/Page record then.)
Helter Skelter
Like Paperback Writer, I never thought much of this song until I heard it in mono.
You can hear the love between Paul & John on this track.
Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias
This is the "demo" version of the Cilla Black song I gave you.
Get Back
Even you, Nik, can't say this song doesn't rock.
Don't Let Me Down
A flat-out classic.
Come Together
Yeh, that's Lennon singing, "Shoot me" in 1969.
You Never Give Me Your Money
This is maybe the most under-rated, amazing, all-time classic Beatles track ever.  "Step on the gas/& wipe that tear away"
I Want You
Lennon nicked elements from Mel Torme's "Coming Home Baby".  Blows that song to pieces.
The End
The guitar solo at the end is a McCartney/Harrison/Lennon competiton/trade-off.  McCartney & his band are tearing up arenas & coliseums right now, ending with this song.


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