Jul 13, 2011

Here are a handful of the most recent

Great tie, Chuck.
Guest Stars in some of the The Big Valley's I have seen lately:  Russell Johnson (the Professor from Gilligan's Island), Milton Berle (in an episode heavy on Old Testament moralizing, really annoying), Charles Grodin (who is in the Russell Johnson episode, plays his bank-robbing buddy and brother, though they, the "Dunigan Bros" are more like Pablo Escobar.  They steal from the "big cities", like Stockton and San Francisco, spend a modest amount of their money on whores and whiskey, and spend the bulk of it on building schools and churches and helping folks in their small town of Sunflower), and Dennis Hopper.  He was pretty damn good looking in the mid-sixties. 

PS:  Grodin's "western accent" is an absolute joke, hilarious. 

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