Jul 7, 2011

I like Emma Stone

As much as the next person, I suppose.  (Ms Stone is Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair's most recent Cover Star.)  Ms Stone is certainly attractive on the cover, if not necessarily a true depiction of her "normal" appearance.  She is blonde on the cover and they downplay her Peppermint Patty freckles.

She is about to be in three movies simultaneously, thus the Cover Shoot. 

As a redhead, I think Ms Stone has the wary smile, mischevious eyes, and body type to be like an old WWII American pin up movie star.

Perhaps, she will get her chance to be in a comedic masterpiece similar to His Girl Friday, or The Philadelphia Story.  And I would love that.

Freckles are great.
But right now I see her more as an Eve Arden-type (and there is nothing wrong with that, Ms Arden was great) than a big-time comedic giant of the screen. 

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