Jul 10, 2011

The "lovers" next door

Are slamming doors, screaming, yelling, making their voices heard.  They are a solid unit, pressing towards an ultimate happiness.  They are a Unit, desperate to be heard.  They are a slamming doors example of Marital Bliss.

They are the type of Marital Bliss I want no part of.  They are the embarrassing example of Reality Show Hubris.  They are the twisted, sick version of the normal American Dream.  They are the version of love and respect that I would shudder at.

They are there.  Right next door.  Screaming and yelling, as I might have wont done just the other, ...

They are, ... It is quiet now.

I am home and safe.  And it is quiet now.  I love my wife.  I love you all.


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