Jul 15, 2011

I suppose Derek Holland

Got sick and tired of hearing about Tommy Hunter, Scott Feldman (more on "Scooter" in a minute), and then whoever else the Rangers were talking about acquiring in a trade right now.

Holland has thrown two straight CG shutouts against (albeit) the A's and Mariners.

Note to Rangers' brass:  Keep CJ Wilson and do not trade Holland.  I know Holland is still up and down but he's only twenty-four and it is so hard for the Rangers to acquire free-agent starters that they should hang on to every good starter that they build.

Scooter, meanwhile, makes 9 mil per year.  He's been rehabilitating all season long, so far.  He's ready now but the Rangers wanted him to get some more time in AAA before being called up.  They released him, knowing no one would pick him up with that salary.  He cleared waivers and the Rangers sent him to AAA.  But he has got enough time served that he can refuse an assignment to the Minors.  The ball club did not expect him to do that.  He did.  So, now he is with the ball club and we had to send O'Day to AAA, Round Rock (Austim, TX).

Scooter is perfectly within his rights to do what he did, and it is not a terrible thing, per se.  But it is a little disappointing.  He had better pitch well up here.


Manacling Mormons
In other news, Tabloid opens today in selected cities.  I just read in the NYT that the "star" of the documentary, Joyce McKinney, has been sneaking in to cinemas and heckling the film.  Brilliant. McKinney is mos def one of my new fave all-time people.

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