Jul 9, 2011

Quick-hitters for today.

Louisa Necib
France beat England on PKs today.  Ms Necib had a splendid game, and is starting to attract a certain amount of attention.  France will face the Brazil/USA winner next week.  I am confident that regardless of the result of France's semifinal match, Ms Necib will be named to the World Cup Tournament All-Star team. 


After the terrible tragedy a couple of days ago in Arlington; a Dad fell to his death, right in front of his six year-old son, trying to catch a ball that All-Star outfielder, Josh Hamilton, had thrown to him; yesterday, a foul ball off of Josh Hamilton's bat hit a fan in the head.  He got some stitches and he's okay, but I like what Hamilton said after the game, That people at the ballgame need to stop looking at their phones and watch the game.  I think that is excellent advice, not just for the ballpark, but for life, in general


Could we get rid of earned runs, altogether? It is completely subjective and each park has a different scorer, to boot.  Plus, you have to play out how the inning would have unfolded to figure out how many runs are earned or not.  It is a silly distinction and when I score games I count all runs as "earned."  If you have a bad defense then that will reflect on your staff's Run Average, and you can still keep track of all the errors. 


Oakland A's All-Star, Gio Gonzalez, sure loves giving up Grand Slams in Arlington.  Too bad only one of them has counted.  More on that tomorrow. 

Two big posts I am working on re The Wedding and ballpark incident a couple of days ago.

Love you all, kisses.

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