Aug 5, 2011

Fans of AL West ballclubs

Have known this for a long time:  Mike Scioscia is a punk.  This is the manager who had John Lackey come off the disabled list and throw twice at Ian Kinsler's head to start a game.
Nice guys finish last, indeed.

Last Sunday was a real treat, though.  In Detroit, the Angels' Jared Weaver was squaring off against Justin Verlander, a real marquee American League match-up.  Weaver pitched well but was losing due to giving up a couple of long home runs to Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez. Verlander meanwhile was pitching a no-hitter through seven.  Weaver (Scioscia) did not like the way Ordonez and Guillen "admired" their blasts and took a long time to round the bases.  Weaver promptly threw at the Alex Avila's head after Guillen's homer, was ejected, yelling at the Tiger bench on his way out the door.

We get the top of the eighth, no-hitter still intact, and Erick Aybar leads off with a bunt attempt.  Weaver, ultimately, was suspended six games.  (He is appealing that ruling.)  Hopefully, the baseball gods will remember this come September.

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