Aug 15, 2011

Have any of you folks seen the Sundance Channel (Seriously Updated)

Movie, Carlos? I have only seen Part One, so far, and have Part Three in the dvr.  I suppose, I will have to netflix Part Two and then I would like to start all over and watch it in one go (or, whatever, just buy the damn thing next Friday and then watch it.)
Why can not I speak six different languages and grow sideburns like that?

Anyhow, Part One is fantastic.  It is extremely addictive and I love so many things about it:  I love how the opening titles talk about what a brutal terrorist Carlos was and then they promptly bask the sizzling hot, Edgar Ramirez, in hazy golden hues and light.  I love all the suitcases and bags, one or more in every frickin' scene it seems.  I love how the suitcases are always underneath one of his Revolutionary Lovers' beds.  I love how the Revolutionary Lovers are all incredibly attractive.  I love how there is a Che poster on nearly every wall.  I love how his network stretches throughout all Europe and Japan(?!) I love how fast paced the film is.  I love how short many of the scenes are, incl a proclivity towards cutting the meatier story parts of scenes completely off at the end (a trick The Wire used a lot.)  I love the bungled missile-launcher scene.  I love the scenes all over Europe's famous cities.  (We get to see Budapest on film! That never frickin' happens.  Why? Budapest is beautiful.  Whatever, ... ) Did I mention the very attractive Revolutionary Sweethearts? (h/t to Camper.)  I love how all this was happening when Saddam Hussein was still an up and comer.  I love Ramirez' performance and how nimbly he switches from French to South American (presumably Peruvian) Spanish to English at the drop of a hat, immaculately.  I love many other things in Part One that I will not mention here, so as not to spoil it.

Flat-out popcorn-munching fun.  Kind of like a twentieth-century Dumas novel on screen that you do not want to end.

More on this later when I have seen it all.

Mwah, ... 

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