Aug 13, 2011

It is clear Fox News

"Gold! Gold! Gold!"
Would rather Wacky Ron Paul just fricking go away.  They only use him to show what an absolute loon he is and ignore him right after debates.  The second they can "justifiably" drop him from the GOP debates, they will.

He is still crazier than a peach orchard boar and thankfully has absolutely no shot in hell of winning the GOP nomination or General Election (and Paul will not be a CongressCritter anymore, either, meaning he will be Fox News favorite Weirdo Righty Pundit to counterbalance Kucinich on the Left.)  (h/t to Molly Ivins, natch, for the boar quote.)

Man, I am not scared of any of those bozos I saw the other night.  And Gubner Goodhair do not scare me, either.

Bachman and Cain will be the Early Darlings, throwing batshit-crazy Red Meat to the tri-corner crowd but eventually the Money Men will weigh in and go with someone like Mittens or Goodhair.  The GOP always goes with the "safe, respectable" White Dude.

(And to see Fox slobber all over these losers is really unseemly.)

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