Aug 26, 2011

So, "The genius Mulligan," as Pride and Prejudice (Updated! 1/23/12)

Director, Joe Wright, referred to her, is engaged to the lead singer from the folk-rock group, The Incredible String Band Mumford and Sons.

Angel, he's a folk rock singer, he plays the  mandolin, for crying out loud!
My friend-ie on The Facebook (who is a fan of the group) says that Mr Mumford likes to wear vests (puh-leeze) and gets v sweaty when he does shows.  She also says that Mulligan and Mumford (there is a law firm for ya!) were buddies as children at Church of England Christian Camp.


(I checked out Mumford and Sons on the olde Steven Jobs iTunes-y thing, and I was not impressed.)

Anyroad, best of luck to you, Sister.  I hope you guys are v v v happy together.

Love and kisses, Ardent Henry.

UPDATE! 1/23/12:  So, they have set a date.  In April. Congratulations, kids!


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