Aug 16, 2011

My new favorite Ranger is

Koji loves to get batters out.
Koji Uehara (pronounced Ko-gee Wuh-hara).  The Rangers got him at the Trade Deadline from the Baltimore Orioles for Chris "Crash" Davis and Tommy "Big Game" Hunter.

Koji is Japanese, has a beard, looks like he is like my height (not tall), and wears his pants above his navel.  And he loves getting guys out.  He loves baseball.  He gets so pumped up and excited w/ each out.  And when he ends an inning he high-fives every single coach, trainer, player, bat boy, whatever in the dugout.  As soon as I find a better video of him I will post it.

Oh, and he is a fantastic pitcher, too.  He is one of the Rangers' two new shiny set-up guys the Club just acquired.  And we have him for next year, too.

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