Aug 5, 2011

I am v intrigued (yet scared)

Ms Godreche plays a right-winger I would like to convert.
by The Devil's Double.  It looks like a slick piece of crap, all soundtrack and porn lighting.  But it does have Dominic Cooper in it and he has gotten rave reviews, even if the reviewer did not like the film.

(Another bad sign:  Peter Travers from Rolling Stone loves the film.)

Very much on the fence am I, still.

I did finally see Potiche, though.  It was great, a period piece with impeccable design, rich color, a v smart, witty script, and great performances all-around.  Deneuve and Depardieu are splendid.  But my fave character was the right-wing daughter, with her "Farrah" haircut until she starts working at the factory.

The flashback sequences are superb, not washed-out, at all, but vibrant and showy and v raunchy.

Great little film.

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