Mar 18, 2012

I am very excited

About the new upcoming HBO series, Veep.  Renee is wary, not excited.  I think she is worried about Julia Louis-Dreyfuss being the star, or, maybe she does not think that that swear-y The Thick of It/In the Loop style will translate well to American audiences.  In the Loop was a considerable cult hit here in the US (it probably helped that James Gandolfini starred in it, too) but most Americans have no idea about The Thick of It.  And I do not think The Thick of It would be a massive hit here if shown on Sundance or IFC or whatever.  The Thick of It is probably too English for a regular (whatever that is) US teevee audience.  Of course, I would dvr every episode and watch them over and over again, myself.  And re Ms Dreyfuss:  No, she is not one of my personal faves, but when she had excellent material in Seinfeld, she was very good.  And, the writing team for Veep is the same folks who did The Thick of It and In the Loop, including the one writer whose job it is to add clever swearing and hip pop culture referenced insults.  (Wow, what a job, right? Why can not I get paid to loll around the house and add snappy clever insults to great scripts?) I could be completely wrong.  Maybe Veep will be a disaster.  We will see.


I am less excited (but keeping an open mind) about the new upcoming HBO series, Girls.  Girls is the baby of Tiny Furniture writer/director/star, Lena Dunham.  And it looks to be, the film, Tiny Furniture, stretched out to series length.  Tiny Furniture was not my cup of tea, for sure.  But, my favorite part was Jemima Kirke's fabulous creation of her character, Charlotte.  Charlotte is by far the best thing in the picture; a cynical, drug-addled, lazy, insanely sexy, spoiled rotten twenty-something City-girl going on forty-five, who affects a ludicrous sort-of English accent all the time for no reason at all, naturally.  Love it! Give me more!

And, good news, Ms Kirke looks to be playing a character like Charlotte in Girls.  (Just watched trailers for Veep and Girls, and it looks like Renee might be right.  Veep looks empty and quiet. Girls looks fresh and fun.)

If Veep stinks, I will always have The Thick of It on YouTube.

Mwah, ... 

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