Mar 20, 2012

This is Renee and I's

Wonderful routine every Monday thru Friday:

Renee wakes up first (generally anytime between three and six am.)  She switches off whatever black and white movie I have left on to fall asleep to, then puts the teevee on Channel 59 (FoxNews), or as we like to call it, The Channel of Hate.  This way I can catch up on whatever the Channel of Hate's big meme/message is going to be that day.  (For the longest time now, the CoH's big issue is Gas Prices and how they will cripple Obama's re-election bid.  Fox and Friends is def the worst.  They will say anything over there.)

I wake up slowly.  Renee and Molly (our youngest cat) hang out in the bathroom together, literally talking to each other.  It is a little odd.  Eventually, I wake up enough that I can yell at the nimrods on the CoH.

Renee does her normal girly routine and then makes us each a cup of Mariage Freres tea, using our Breville electric tea kettle (which was the most fabulous Wedding Present evah!)  My fave Mariage is Noel, but we also love French Breakfast, and Vanilla.

Luckily, last time my Da was in Paris, he bought us a whole bunch.  (It's not cheap here in the US.)  But Renee does a great job, keeping us well stocked, buying hers at Market Hall, Oaktown.

Renee heads to work, I take a shower. then hit the computer right before I head to work.

It is a well-oiled machine that is a joy to start every day with.  Love you, Pnut.


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