Mar 21, 2012

Saw another very very good

Romanian film the other day; Tuesday, After Christmas.

It is a very simple, quiet, slice of life motion picture that is still extremely moving and gripping to watch.  The story is there is a man with a wife, a daughter, and a mistress.  And, he must decide over Christmas week who he wants to be with, either the wife or the mistress.  The mistress is also the child's dentist, which makes things a bit more complicated, as well.

Mirela Oprisor is not having a very good Christmas.

Like a lot of the more recent Romanian films, Tuesday is composed of mostly static shots of people talking in rooms.  This gives the fabulous actors a chance to really shine.  (Mirela Oprisor is the real star of this picture, with a stunning performance.)  But, I also like the fact that this movie does not pass judgement on any of the characters.  It is a true, objective look in on some folks living in Romania round Christmas time.  How refreshing.

By the way, I saw Tuesday streaming on Netflix.  And there are currently a bunch of Romanian New Wave films streaming on Netflix currently, including California Dreamin', Tales of the Golden Age, 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days, Police Adjective, and a whole lot more I have not seen yet.  (But will devour soon, I am sure.)  All of these films just listed come extremely highly recommended. You should check them out.


Got another crack at Tiny Furniture the other day.  It was on the Sundance Channel.  My opinion did not really change.  It is still not a good or great motion picture in my judgement.  But, Renee brought up a good point:  That Tiny Furniture probably means a lot more and says something quite different to twenty-something aged women than it does to an old dude like myself.  It might just be a gender thing, blind spot.  As painful and cringing as the movie can be for Renee to watch, she still likes it a lot, and much more than I do.


Casablanca tonight! I wonder what the turnout will be like all across the nation.  Maybe I will see you there, yes?


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