Apr 16, 2012

Being a "boy", as it were,

And a nice boy, I think it is fair to say, my favorite story arc of Lena Dunham's new series for HBO, Girls, is going to be the one involving Marnie and Charlie.  Charlie is obviously the sweetest guy in the world, affectionate to a tee, and perhaps a little too sweet to his Sweetie.  Naturally, in Dunham's Universe, Marnie is "repulsed every time [Charlie] touches me" and presumably will be threatening to end the relationship once or twice every episode.

The Marnie/Charlie arc is an opposite twin of the Hannah/Adam arc, and some in the audience are left to wonder, Is there no "boy" out there who can fit the (Mythical?) Happy Medium?

"Mom, give Jess a chance.  He understands me."

(When Renee and I first started going out, one of the things she said she liked best about me was that underneath my sensitive, feminist, nice guy exterior I was "still just a dude."  High praise, indeed.  And I completely mean that.)

It was the first episode of Girls last night, so, sure, some of the writing seemed a little show-offy, and some of the pop culture references fell flat. (And speaking of which, why is it that no one seems able to drop facebook in to the conversation of a film or teevee show without embarrassing themselves? Or is it just me? The only time I have seen facebook successfully incorporated in to conversation is when Anna Chlumsky does it in In The Loop.  But of course, those guys have a writer who's only job is to add pop culture references and swear words to the finished scripts.  *sigh*  More on the In The Loop/The Thick of It/Veep team in a minute.)  But despite that, it is plain to see that Girls is going to be the teevee event of the Spring and Summer, and will be a fine addition to Blockbuster Sundays, alongside Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

It is especially nice to see that Whit Stillman's lovable, difficult cad, Chris Eigeman, now has credits in both Gilmore Girls and Girls.  I have a really decent Gilmore Girls joke here but no one outside of a few people at the Food Hole Walnut Creek would get it, so, I am going to skip it.


Man, does Veep look awful, or what? My heart sinks and I cringe every time they show those crummy clips.  I will be there, seven PM on Sunday, but I am really expecting the absolute worst. (At least Girls is on right after it!) And, I think I have figured out why Veep is going to stink.  Peter Capaldi.  The Thick of It and In The Loop are completely hung on Peter Capaldi's character, Malcolm Tucker.  (And Malcolm Tucker is based on Tony Blair's infamous Press Secretary, Alastair Campbell.)  It is not just a cultural barrier, moving from UK politics to US politics, it is the fact that without a US Malcolm Tucker equivalent the show will fail.  Plus, you have Capaldi's talent to match, as well.  Capaldi's performances in The Thick of It and In The Loop make for an absolute tour de force.  Malcolm Tucker completely overshadows Capaldi's entire career.  He will always be known as Malcolm Tucker now, full stop.

I would love to be pleasantly surprised on Sunday but I am doubting it.


Meanwhile, the Rangers are an American League wrecking crew with a four game series with the Tigers in Detroit this weekend.  Fabulous stuff.

And my staycation is over.  It is back to work tomorrow.

All my love,

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