Apr 2, 2012

Another bad-ass Aries, Charles Fourier, born 4/7/1772!

Fourier is a cinch love for college kids, but after all these years he is still loved by some of my fave folks, such as Hakim Bey and Guy Debord.

Love the cravat, specs, and beard.

And there is even some belief that Fourier invented the word feminist.  Plus, Fourier had a crazy, loopy, lovely metaphysical streak that makes him all the more charming.  I do not know his sexual orientation, but he had no issues with gays, either.

Born on the same day as me, a couple of centuries earlier, he has always been one of my favorite Socialists, and great guys.

Plus, he gets some love in the brill film, Metropolitan, as well.

-- Aries Ardent Henry

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