Apr 13, 2012

I forgive the film, Pirate Radio, for all its sins

Because of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  And Bill Nighy.  And Talulah Riley.  And Nick Frost.  And Chris O'Dowd.  And The Kinks.  And The Who.  And The Rolling Stones.  And Jimi Hendrix.  And Rhys Ifans.  And Emma Thompson.  And Kenneth Branagh.  (Do you think Ms Thompson and Branagh were on set together? Are they friends, still?) And Danny the Drug Dealer from Withnail and I.  And the great tea and biscuits "cheer up" scene as Leonard Cohen sings So Long Marianne.  And one of the greatest End Title sequences in the history of film.  And the fact that director Richard Curtis shows people on the loo, listening to the radio.  And the fact that Pirate Radio is really just a modern Ealing Comedy when it comes down to it.  (I apparently am going through an Ealing thing right now, having watched Whiskey Galore, A Fish Called Wanda -- another modern Ealing Comedy, directed by a real Ealing Studios director, Charles Crichton -- and Pirate Radio over the past three days.)

Actually, I am just going to have to admit it.  I love a Richard Curtis film.  Who woulda thunk it?

Mwah, ...

And the English are right.  A nice cuppa can cure anything.  

-- AH

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