Apr 4, 2012

This must be the greatest Twelve Days of Michael's Birthday

In a very long time.  The best days have been the last four:  Day Five (dinner w/ my folks at Metro); Day Six (Dinner w/ my folks at our house and Renee makes a stunning risotto, profiteroles, and serves a delicious burrata, too.  Plus, we watch the brill movies:  The Art of the Steal and The Trip); Day Seven (my folks treat us to a scrumptious dinner at Rivoli); and last night, Day Eight, which deserves some special mention.

Day Eight began w/ me seeing a beautiful, giant wild turkey, strutting his regal way past my bedroom windows. Work was work, I threw the load, ho hum, but then, I bought my birthday present on my walk home, an iPod Touch (just 8gb, which is fine for me.)

But Meghan hung out w/ us, bringing us amazing pizza from Rotten City Pizza in Emeryville.  She also brought over vodka for martinis for the girls, and made yet another one of her sterling green salads.

Meghan & Renee (iPhone Gurls both) got me all hooked up and running on my new toy, and we were like a bunch of teenage gurls on a sleepover, constantly texting eachother, even though we were all in the same room.

We watched Bedazzled (the good Peter Cook/Dudley Moore/Stanley Donen version) and then some really crappy girly teevee.  I think I even asked Meghan if she did want to stay the night.

(By the way, if I ever am in another band, we will most definitely be covering this song.)


When I talked to Nick C this morning he said he had had a girly night, too.  He got in his jammies, had popcorn & ice cream for dinner and watched a bunch of v girly teevee.  There must be something in these Aries stars right now.

All my Aries love,

"I want cake and pie."

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