Apr 22, 2012

Josh Hamilton is up for a Job Dialogue!

While most of the baseball world's eyes are prob focussed on the "It's the Yankees! It's the Red Sox! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! My Gawd!" this weekend, they should be watching what is going down in Detroit.

The Rangers split a doubleheader yesterday w/ the Tigers in what has been an absolutely thrilling early-season four game series.  The Rangers plated eight in the first inning of the first game, eventually winning 10-4.  The Tigers won the nightcap 3-2, a great pitcher's duel between Neftali Feliz and Justin Verlander.

Uh, I loooooove me some contract year, just had a relapse Josh Hamilton.  He is looking like he did in June 2010, one of the best months for any MLB hitter the last ten years.

(He just hit another one.  Rangers up 1-nil, Top 2.)

The Rangers and Tigers are the real class of the American League.  And the Angels are gonna wake up.  They are going to be good, real good, but not as good as the Rangers.  Derek Holland (w/ the crappy mustache) is very quietly becoming our ace.  Neftali Feliz' transition to starter has been amazing, again.  (This is the third year in a row the Rangers have successfully converted a reliever to a starter.)  And the Rangers are attempting to become like the 1984 Detroit Tigers, who started the season 35-5.

Renee and I are going to have the greatest Sunday ever today.  And this Okie/Texas boie loves himself this heat.  More please.  And hotter!

Everybody check out Veep and Girls tonight.  We will be riveted, eating grilled sausages from Cafe Rouge, drinking fabulous wine.

I love you all,

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