Apr 14, 2012

Saturday Adventure

Damsels in Distress, Ferry Building, an East Bay restaurant.  Today could be a smashing day out, and probably will be.

They showed The History Boys on Sundance last night.  If you have not seen this film, make it one of your top priorities.  

It is amazing they were able to make a film version of the play, using the entire cast and director. Insane.  Dominic Cooper gives his greatest performance ever.  Frances de la Tour is her usual regal, all mighty self, and Richard Griffiths reminds us what art and poetry and history all really mean to us.  

An absolute must-see, folks.  

Now, it is adventure time, ... Where is my Sweetie?

Posner:  But he doesn't understand, Irwin does like him.  He seldom looks at anyone else.
Scripps:  How do you know?
Posner:  Because nor do I.  Our eyes meet looking at Dakin.

Dominic Cooper as Dakin in The History Boys

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