Apr 29, 2012

Sometimes it is the simplest,

Seemingly most inconsequential things that can give you joy in a marriage.

I do laundry around here.  It is a pretty good deal.  Renee hates doing it, and I quite enjoy it.  It is a v leisurely task, that allows me to do other things, like follow the Rangers or blog (I am doing laundry right now!) or watch the RedZone come Wintertime or watch movies.  Plus, doing laundry makes me very popular with our cats, Mavis and Molly.  So, I get to hang out with them while they "help" me fold.  

So, when Renee bought me a drying rack and a new laundry basket, both of which this Laundry Dude needed desperately, I can not tell you happy I was.  What a strange thing to be happy about, right? Every time I use the rack or basket I feel warm inside and start whistling like Snow White. So weird.

But, things are so good with me these days, that no matter the state of my homemaking tools, I would probably be pretty frickin' happy as it is.  

Look at today, he said, as he put on his non-work shoes:  I am doing laundry, having a glass of Prosecco in a Coupe, blogging, my baseball team is the best in the Major Leagues and are on national teevee tonight, the Wife and I are going to see Pirates (our first 3D movie!) today, Renee will do some grilling, and we will watch Veep and Girls on HBO.  Pretty frickin' fantastic daie, hunh?

Plus, it is a simply smashing stunner of a day out here in the Bay Area.

I hope everyone else out there has a fantastic Sunday, too, whether you are doing laundry or not. (Just aboot to get the last batch to fold!)

All my love, 

PS:  Here is a video for fun.  (Only sixteen seconds long, Rita Hayworth in Gilda, but what a sixteen seconds!)

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