Jul 17, 2012

Colonization from Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch

SARAH:  I'm going next week.
JO:  You're going to a football match?
SARAH:  Yeah, I thought I should.
JO:  Whoo, girl, I tell you, you better watch yourself.  Soon after Tim and I split up, I woke up one morning and realized I could remember his batting average from the previous season.  
SARAH:  That's harmless enough, isn't it?
JO:  No! It's all a sinister form of male manipulation.
SARAH:  (laughing) Rubbish, ...
JO:  It's true! You get colonized.  Your native culture gets driven out, and it gets replaced by stuff that you don't like and don't even want to know about.  They're like bloody missionaries. They bore you stupid until you cave in, and then they fuck off.  

I love Nick Hornby, all his books, and all his films.  

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