Jul 16, 2012

I agree with my Wife's declaration

Re The Newsroom, right after last night's episode concluded.  She sighed, and said, "It could be really good."

And, I like what King Blogger, Charlie Pierce, has to say, too.  (Plus, Charlie loves Moonrise Kingdom, as well.)

The Newsroom is alternately intriguing, fun, and smart and then is horribly awful for large swaths of time.  Last night, I told Renee that I am actually eager to watch The Newsroom every week for a lot of the wrong reasons.  It is not too different from the reasons I watch Fox News, I want to yell at the teevee every time.  I want to get exasperated and criticise the production every time we see Alison Pill cry and flounder.  The shot of her sharing a smile with her "future" lover, the hardest-working dude in teevee news production, whatever his character's name is, from last night's episode, made me want to throw a napkin at the screen.  A couple of young cub reporters, in love, scooping the major networks, giving the people the truth.


But, then, Sorkin's story line about trash television last night was fantastic, so, ... You just gotta throw your hands up in the air and swear at the teevee a lot.

I mean, I am addicted to The Newsroom, for sure.  But it may not be for the reasons Sorkin or HBO intended.

(And, please please please could we just retire the exquisite Hope Davis' character right now.  Do not bring her back as a love interest.  And I loooooove Ms Davis, one of my all-time faves, but do not bring her back, please.  Leave well enough alone.)

Hope Davis and Parker Posey in the fantastic motion picture, The Daytrippers.

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