Jul 6, 2012

This happened six months before I moved

To the Bay Area, and there were some tangential friends of my housemate's that were actually called in for questioning -- not as suspects, I do not think, but they did wear black a lot and liked The Cure, so naturally, ...

Anyway, now the Public Safety Commission would like a new, external investigation in to what really happened on that awful December night.  Good for them, and I hope they get one.  Of course, the Austin Police and the District Attorney are furious.  Because, despite having their convictions thrown out and the two men released, they are whole-heartedly convinced that they got the right guys.

I just do not believe that Scott and Springsteen and the other two high-schoolers were even remotely capable of committing a brutal crime like this.  Plus, the DNA did not match any of the four high schoolers, and the interrogating Detective, Hector Polanco, was "famous" for eliciting false confessions.

I am sticking with the the two adult men theory.  There were two shifty, nervous men, hanging out at the yogurt shop right at closing.

I sincerely hope that this new outside investigation is allowed to proceed unfettered, with all available resources provided.

This tragic tragic tragic cold case is now over twenty years old.

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