Jul 10, 2012

Recent Conversations with Nick C, #6

So, here, is what one of my heroes, David Thomson, has to say about the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film, The Master, released in October.  He is very excited, yes? My gosh, is he excited. And, his excruciatingly detailed critiques of two trailers for the film, each named (by him) for the months they were released, nearly makes me laugh.

(A quick aside, I love Thomson to pieces, precisely for thoughts like I just linked to above.  Even when I do not agree with him.  He is not a "critic", really, despite writing some of the finest film criticism ever.  He is completely unashamed of revealing his prejudices, or, writing mash notes to his "crushes."  That shows to me that he is in hopeless thrall to the cinema, much like I am.)

Meanwhile, here are Thomson's thoughts on the other Anderson's film, Moonrise Kingdom.   He is quite plainly "over" Wes Anderson.

Nick C suggested that there might be warring camps at work here.  That there are Wes fans who care naught for PT Anderson's films, like myself, and vice versa, like Thomson.  I am sure there are plenty of folks, like Nick C, that admire both filmmakers, though Nick C seems to be considerably more wary about The Master, and its insane hype, than Thomson and other serious PT Anderson devotees.

I will admit that this is the first time I am even considering seeing a PT Anderson film in the cinema in a very long time, since Boogie Nights, I guess.  But I am wary, too.  For whatever reason, PT's pretension repels me, sickens me.  Just as Wes' pretension delights.


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