Jul 23, 2012

My Wife's declaration last night?

After sitting through The Newsroom? "Why are we even watching this, anymore?"

I know the word irony is way overused, and oftentimes, used incorrectly, but it is certainly ironic to me that Sorkin has created a show about a fictional cable news network that I am now strictly watching solely to be infuriated at, swear at the teevee, and throw napkins at the screen.  Which are the precise reasons I watch Fox News!

My Wife is completely right.  Any sane person, especially after last night's "Rudy" debacle of an episode, would drive right past this wreck.  But I just can not help myself, craning my head back, to soak up the damage.  

Do not be like me.  I can not recommend The Newsroom anymore.  Keep moving, there really is nothing to see here.

Alison Pill, get out while you can! Go star in all of Woody Allen's new films.  Insist Sorkin kill you off, devoured by a fax machine whilst trying to cover the debt Super Committee negotiations.  

And, Sorkin, I told you to leave Hope Davis out of this! 

(But no one listens to the crazy old dirty Okie Commie who watches television just to be mad at it.)  

Watch Hope Davis (as Hillary Clinton, a woman Michael Truly Loves) in The Special Relationship, instead.  And The Daytrippers.  And watch Alison Pill in To Rome with Love, Milk, Midnight in Paris, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  And watch Jeff Daniels in Something Wild.  

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