Jul 1, 2012

Maybe it was that extra Leap Second thrown

In last night, but I definitely slept in today, did not officially get out of bed until a quarter to ten.  It had been a long time since I had done something like that.  It felt great, and I had no guilty feelings, at all, about lounging for so long, he said as he sipped his Mariage Freres tea.


Despite my Mum actually meeting my distant DiCesare cousins/"peeps" from d'Abruzzo, I will be supporting Spain today in the Euro final.  I think the Spanish play the most beautiful form of football right now, and am quite content with them being Kings of the Football World.  I am sure the Italians will pack the box and do everything in their power to achieve a nil-nil draw and send it to PKs.  I love my Italian roots, I love Italian wine, I love Italian culture, I love Italian clothes, I love Italian shoes, I love Italian food, I love Italian people, I love Italian films, I love Italian art, etc, ... I just can not find it in my heart to love calcio.

And, I would not be crushed if Italy won today, especially if it is an exciting match.


Neil LaBute's movies are like that guilty pleasure thing I was talking about with Veep/In the Loop/The Thick of It.

Watching his films, you start to feel really creeped out, and guilty for all the horrible awful things humans do to each other, especially when it comes to relations between the opposite sexes.

The Shape of Things, which I streamed yesterday on Netflix, is a sick little study of moral ambiguity, pride, seduction, thrall, friendship, and honesty.  The performances are great (and Rachel Weisz and Gretchen Mol are stunningly beautiful) and the scenes are shot simply with no score ever overlaid the action.  The script hurtles along, efficiently and expertly, and the film packs a whopping punch in the gut at the end.

Great little movie, which I will look to buy.

Mwah, ...  

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