Jul 23, 2012

Real quick here

(I have got to go to bed.  I have to be at work so early tomorrow.)

I just do not know a better period for me, these last six weeks where I have seen so many earth-shattering, game-changing films.

Completely just stumbling around, idly looking for things to watch, I came across Vito, a doc about Vito Russo, gay activist -- founding member of the Gay Activist Alliance, GLAAD, and ACT UP -- and famous author of The Celluloid Closet (one of the first power points ever, really.)

Vito is a stunning, wonderful documentary that I supremely recommend everyone to witness.

More on all this w/ my big movie recap tomorrow and Wednesday.

Thank you HBO and the filmmakers who produced this extremely touching and inspiring documentary about a great great man.

Here is the trailer for Vito.

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