Jul 8, 2012

Well, my heart goes out to the Scot

As the streak remains intact.

The alien blancmange won.  

Closing the roof obviously helped Federer, and British tennis devotees will be talking about that set winning sick, nasty volley that Federer issued before the rains came, for years.  The epic, twenty minute break game in the third set was scintillating tennis, and even if Murray had won that game, I think, everyone knew that it was all over for Murray after that.

Murray's speech was humble, heartbreaking, and he cracked a couple of decent dry jokes.  So, good for him.  I will definitely be following his career more intently now, and I firmly believe he will end the streak, and hoist that Wimbledon trophy in the future.


Doing laundry, and then we're going to see From Rome with Love, and then grill at home.

All my love,

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