Oct 30, 2012

Be My Baby has nothing to do with my post today:

It is just up there with Hey Jude and Gimme Shelter as the greatest rock tracks of all-time.


No, this is a post about my prediction for the 2012 OEE (Orchestrated Electoral Extravaganza), or 2012 General Election to most of you.

I was going to post this on Monday evening next week, but I got some grief from the Javelin Boot guy, godblesshim, Dan O; and then we already had our October Surprise, Sandy the Hurricane.

(Fox News is furious.  They so want to bludgeon Obama on Benghazi, and whatever, and anything, but they just can not.  Because there are thousands of folks without power.  Thousands of folks hurting.  Thousands of elderly folks wondering if this is going to be the end.)

Really, if I did not express that I am not being flip, let me tell you now:  I am not being flip.  I am being realistic, like this guy, a flipping Republican:

And, this:


This is a work in progress, Angels.  More much later tonight, or early tomorrow:

All my Liberal love,

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