Oct 5, 2012

Everybody knows

That the economy and the jobs situation in this country suck.  The stimulus was not nearly big enough, and we desperately need another one, and the Administration and the Democratic Party let the Koch Bros' Teabagging henchmen (and right wing Tradmedia) highjack the national conversation and make the deficit the big issue -- no matter how many refutations by Krugman or lefty New Media.

All Obama and his team really have to do is sell that the economy is improving; that there is light at the end of the tunnel; that there is, yes, wait for it, hope.

That is why today's jobs/unemployment report is so huge, and such a welcome relief after Wednesday's "Denver Debacle".  (Which was not really a debacle so much, as a "No Big Deal At All".  Most people were watching Honey Boo-Boo.  Trust me.)

And in addition to the fact that jobs are being created, and that the raw headline number went down significantly, there are other peripheral benefits for Team Obama.  The GOP (and Fox News) now have to dredge up esoteric new unemployment numbers that most Americans do not understand or care about, and they have to stand on camera, grousing about improvement and recovery.  Or they have to trot out conspiracy theories that Obama has cooked the books, himself.  Forget that "or" to start that last sentence.  Fox News, just this morning, has used all three of those tactics on its' programs.

If Obama can convince folks in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida that the recovery is coming, and that he is the guy to coach it to the finish line, then he will be re-elected.  Simple as that.  And, debate "disasters", aside, I have seen nothing in the polling data in those key states that leads me to believe that Obama has not been successful pleading his case.

Today's good news should blunt the debate's impact, fire up an already pissed off Team Obama, and boost their chances in the OEE.

And, if that has not gotten you off the ledge, read Nate Silver's excellent 538 NYT blog.

Mwah, ... 

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