Oct 3, 2012

I understand this point of view.

Five or ten minutes probably is all you need. And, we should all be more like Chomsky, trying to change life rather than reform the system.  (Love how he calls the 2012 General an " orchestrated electoral extravaganza".)

And, Obama does a lot of awful terrible stuff.  But even Chomsky says he would vote for Obama if he lived in a swing state.  He lives in Massachusetts and will be voting for the Green candidate, if he votes at all.

It is this simple:  If Romney has a chance to win your state, and you are a lefty,  you have to pull the Obama lever.  You have to.


I will watch the debate replay tonight, but I am not getting all hyped up about it.  Debates so rarely mean anything.  They are practically PSAs these days.   But I'm a politics junkie.  Curl up with a book, your sweetie, the beach, a sunset or a great movie instead.

Do not be like me.

All my love. Ardent

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