Oct 9, 2012

Here are some political videos for ya: (UPDATED)

Jon Stewart via TPM about Obama "cooking the books".

And, via Charlie Pierce, LL Cool P gets huffy with a local Michigan teevee guy.  (I like that Charlie Pierce says that Mr Ryan keeps thinking of himself as the Robert Plant of the PowerPoint.  "AAAAH-AH! /AAAAH-AH!/ Valhalla/ I am coming."  Actually, at our house we call Robert Bobby.)

Mittens definitely got a debate bounce, and is leading in a couple of respected left leaning tracking polls, Pew and PPP.  I have not checked out 538 yet today, but yesterday Mittens was still pegged at a one in five chance of winning.  So, I am not sweating it, yet.


UPDATE:  Mittens increased his chances of winning from one in five to one in four according to Nate Silver.  Nice bump.  We will see if it lasts.  Here is the 538 link.


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