Oct 15, 2012

Many of you probably already know this:

LL Cool P showed up late for his "I really care about the help those less fortunate than I" photo op this weekend.  Those who were there to eat, had eaten, and the kitchen was closed, having been all cleaned up.

No problem! Ryan lined up the photographers and the beat writers, and he and his wife promptly washed perfectly clean dishes just so everyone would know what a real empathetic, sweetheart of a guy he was.

And the press went along with it.

Man, Armando Iannuci and his crack writing team -- the folks behind In the Loop, The Thick of It, and Veep -- have got to be kicking themselves right now, "Why didn't we think of that?!"

Oh, I am sorry, they already did write something like this for their fro-yo episode of Veep! I think the Mittens/LL Cool P campaign is suffering from the usual and expected Conservative Inability to Recognize Irony -- which is one of the greatest tests of intelligence -- and are now taking clues from Selina Meyer's team on how to run a campaign.

That this OEE is even remotely close right now says a lot about our electorate.  Ugh!


On a completely different -- and much happier -- note, Treme keeps chugging along.  We got to see Sugar Boy Crawford last night, who just passed away last month.  And, it was great to see Marcia Ball, too.  She looks and sounds fantastic, still.

So, here's a video of her:

Mwah, ... 

P.S. Special thanks to Pnut for part of this post.


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