Oct 5, 2012

I feel pretty good about

Today's Rangers game against the Orioles.  I mean, heck, we're not playing the Athletics anymore, right? 

I am not guaranteeing a victory, or anything.  The Orioles are a good team and another great baseball story this year, like the A's, Reds, and Nationals.  But, it is at home, Darvish is on the bump, and the Rangers, despite their recent meltdown, are the better team.

We will see how it goes.

(Hamilton's mysterious ailment, his dropped pop up, and his inability to take a single pitch have all added up to a "Happy trails" attitude amongst Ranger fans.  I feel the same way.  He was a great story, and he was a big part of the Rangers recent success, but there is no way he is deserving over the twenty million per annum offers he will entertain this winter.  He really screwed up his job dialogue, for sure.  Ciao, baby, and amen.)


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