Oct 4, 2012

I just watched the spin.

I did not watch the debate.  We will find out over the coming days through polling if Mittens' victory last night means anything.  Like I said yesterday, most of the time, these debates are not game changers, at all.

And seeing Tweety (Chris Matthews) go apoplectic last night reminded me of the Chomsky quote that I used yesterday, as well:  "the orchestrated electoral extravaganza".  OEE for short.

Here is Kos on last night's supposed Obama debacle.  And here is TBogg's version of events (and he quotes Charlie Pierce, too -- two for one!)

I think Charlie Pierce got it right when he asked,

... is it possible that the whole angry-black-man kerfuffle ginned up on the right on Monday got into the man's head a little?

That is the tightrope Obama has had to walk his entire political life.  And other stupid prejudices and stereotypes influence elections all the time.  That is one of the reasons Brown is losing to Elizabeth Warren right now.  People still do not like men being rude to ladies.  Of course, gender (or race) should not matter.  You should not be mean or rude to anyone.  But, it still does matter.

Honestly, I do not think this is going to be a big deal for the OEE.  And, Obama will probably attack a bit more next time, and maybe talk about women's issues, and labor unions, and other things Dems are desperate to hear about.  But, Obama is never ever even going to give a hint of a performance that would suggest the faintest whiff of Huey Newton or Angela Davis.  It would be political suicide.  Obama and his team are way too smart.

But, that does not mean I can not enjoy a little Black Power today, right?

(By the way, Kim Weston's performance here is mesmerizing and powerful.  She bends notes occasionally, but generally eschews flash and hits notes solidly, with such force and volume that you can not help but be moved.  Amazing.)

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