Oct 12, 2012

You got to love crazy old Uncle Joe.

He totally is that guy who has, perhaps, a couple more beers than he should at Thanksgiving dinner.  He is the guy who might start talking about politics a little too late when every one would rather be watching the football game.  And like the great Charlie Pierce has noted, Uncle Joe actually relishes, loves being Veep.  How on earth did we find someone like that? Who is going to love that thankless job?

Crazy Uncle Joe, that is who.

The GOP have got their panties in a twist because Biden laughed too much.  That has always been part and parcel of Biden's nature, and I agree with those who feel that Biden's schtick, if you will, actually plays very well to the rust belt crowd in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc, ...

But, do not fret about the GOPs whining, anyway.  It is concern trolling.  If Uncle Joe had been "respectful", the GOP would have spun it as him being pusillanimous.  They know they had their asses handed to them last night, and that Democrats are fired up again, and now the GOP are desperate to spin anything to their favor.  Their commercials will be Biden laughing.  Ours will be Ryan's actual, ludicrous policy positions, read straight from his crib notes.

Here are a few of Biden's best haymakers last night:

He actually mentioned the forty-seven per cent.
He crushed LL Cool P on the stimulus that Ryan voted against, yet, still had his hand out for.
He eloquently, and with great deftness, answered Ms Raddatz' woefully inappropriate question about faith and abortion, by stating that abortion is strictly a choice between a woman and her doctor, full stop, no matter what his personal beliefs are.
He made Ryan look silly re Afghanistan.
He tied Ryan in knots on Medicare, garnering a frustrated declaration of what Ryan thinks vouchers really are,
And, Biden spoke from his heart the entire time.  He showed compassion, empathy, and horse sense.  He spoke in simple language, and got away from talking points.  Not only will that fire up the base, but it should play well in Duluth, too.

(Plus, I am going to mention it again, one more time, because it is so crucially important:  It was because of a Biden "gaffe" that Obama was forced to finally "come out", if you will, in favor of Marriage Equality months before Team Obama had planned to.  Sometimes, the only person who can make the family face up to doing the right thing is when the Crazy Uncle speaks out of turn. Right on, brother.)

Now, here are some real writers, and what they thought about last night's debate:  Charlie Pierce, and TBogg.

I have a feeling today is going to be a wonderful Friday, and the whole weekend should be special, too.


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