May 25, 2012

3 things:


(Smacking his forehead with the palm of his hand), I finally figured out Lana Del Ray.  (Talk to Nick C.  He knows. This has been bothering me for months.)

She is our time's version; our Poor Lady's Françoise Hardy, if you will.  They sport a very similar look; the hair, the style of clothes, etc, ... And they both are way too cool for school, barely exerting themselves in live performance or videos or in the studio, even.  That video above shows Ms Hardy at her most energetic, which is to say, not much energetic, at all.

Unfortunately for Ms Del Ray, though, her songs are not nearly as good as Ms Hardy's.  "My favorite sweater", indeed! And, although, arguably as pretty, or perhaps, even prettier than Ms Hardy, Ms Del Ray is not nearly as earthy, or sexy as Ms Hardy.  Plus, Ms Del Ray does not sing in French (or Italian or Deutsch like Ms Hardy does), which is another strike against her.

And, oh yeh, you folks are going to have to watch a bunch of Françoise Hardy videos over the next few days.  Trust me.  You'll love 'em.  She is great.



Saw this on TPM the other day.

Whatever.  I would much rather have Madonna's pap smear, anyway.


Et trois,

Although still better than just about anything else on teevee, the second season of Sherlock was a bit of a disappointment for me.  There were too many bells and whistles, not enough story.  The first episode, the "sexy" one was the worst, and the second episode, just like the first season, was the best.  The second episode was their homage to the old 60s Swinging London, The Avengers program, complete with the funny acronym and a diabolical mind control master plan. More of those, please.  The third episode was good, if a little sappy.  I am sorry, I know, times has changed, and all, and us men folks are downright sensitive these days, but I just do not think that Army soldier, English stiff upper lip, Dr Watson would react like that.  He would carry on as if nothing had happened, and beat himself up internally.  (And probably develop a drinking problem that would become his dirty little secret.)  I still love Andrew Scott's hilariously camp portrayal of Moriarty, though.  Juicy fun stuff.  In fact, all the homoerotic stuff throughout both seasons has been spot-on, brilliant, and most of the time quite funny.  And, oh, the way they resolved season one's cliffhanger was cheap and lame.

But, like I said, I love this team, I love this concept, I love these actors, so, I am probably being a little tough on them, and I will be very excited about season three, I am sure.

This is the only Avengers you need to care about.  Really.

All my love,

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