May 19, 2012

fivetwentytwothousandeleven, Liner Notes, Part Three

Continuing the playlist series on the eve of Renee and I's first anniversary.


Songs Renee & I Love

1.  Other Lives/Weather    Other Lives are a splendid group from Stillwater, Oklahoma.  This is the "indie" rock song I wanted to be played as we walked in to the reception hall, even if I knew it was absolutely not a possibility.

2.  XTC/Big Day    A very obvious choice.  I think Renee is not fond of the song.  I like it, a lot.
3.  The Magic Numbers/Morning's Eleven    Just a boo-ti-ful magical creation.  Unfortunately, the band has not been nearly as good since this first track off their first album.  Sometimes you only have one good record in you.  
4.  Beulah/A Good Man is Easy to Kill    Beulah was one of the crucial bands for Renee and I in the infancy of our relationship.  And, yeah, we went and saw Beulah in the City.  I got pulled up on stage to sing and shake a tambourine for the encore.  I tried to get Renee to join me, but she was having none of that.
5.  Beulah/Gene Autry    "When I get to California/Gonna write my name in the sand"

6.  Beulah/Popular Mechanics for Lovers
7.  The Rolling Stones/Monkey Man    Maybe the greatest, and certainly weirdest introductions for a monster classic rock song ever.
8.  The Rolling Stones/Bitch    If I were a baseball player, this would be my walk-up to bat song.
9.  Brenton Wood/Gimme Little Sign    Mr Wood is criminally underappreciated; I discovered this stellar track from The Last Days of Disco soundtrack.
10.  The Meters/Handclapping Song    This is from one of the greatest cds I have ever bought.  I read about it in Mojo Magazine.  And every single song on that cd has been in the superb NOLA HBO series, Treme.
11.  Floyd Cramer/On the Rebound    The brill poening credits track to the exquisite, lovely, perfect little An Education film.

12.  Professor Longhair/Big Chief    Lily Allen stole this for her smashing track, Knock 'em Out.
13.  Stevie Wonder/Signed, Sealed, Delivered
14.  Booker T and the MGs/Green Onions    The greatest rock/soul instrumental of all-time.
15.  Rufus Thomas/The Breakdown    I wanted to say, "Ain't I'm clean," at the beginning of my Toast at the reception, but I forgot.
16.  The Beatles/The Word    Uh, Paul's little bass fills on this song are so tasteful, classy, and full of style as to make me glad to be alive.
17.  The Staple Singers/Oh La De Da

18.  Blur/Girls & Boys    Now is about the time everyone was supposed to be dancing.  It did not work out like that, but it is alright.
19.  A Taste of Honey/Boogie Oogie Oogie    This was the number one hit in the US when Renee was born.
20.  T Rex/Jeepster    Renee looooves this song.
21.  Brenton wood/Oogum Boogum    More fantasticness from Brenton Wood, also from the superb Last Days of Disco soundtrack.

Mwah, ...
I love you all,


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