May 10, 2012

I was wrong.

I often am.

It was not a famous Obama head fake, tied around Amendment One in North Carolina and the beginning of the General Election campaign.  Obama's "evolution", as it were, was supposed to be complete right before the Democratic Convention.  But Biden spoke out of turn and forced Obama's hand.

Which means we really do have Joe Biden to thank for this, hunh? (I was right about that.)

Even so, I am of many different minds about all of this, espec the internets frickin' exploding yesterday with Obama's announcement.

Fran the genius.
One of which reminds me of an interview Toni Morrison had with Fran Lebowitz right after Obama's election.  Morrison asked Lebowitz what she thought about the nation having its first African-American President, and, I am seriously paraphrasing the sublime Ms Lebowitz here, Lebowitz' basic reaction was, "Really?! A big deal?! This should not be an issue anymore.  This should have happened a billion years ago."

Obama should have had stated this position a dozen years ago. Welcome, buddy.  Better late than never, I suppose.

Also, are not nearly all State Propositions and Amendments the worst thing ever.  I vote No on nearly every single one of them because they are the absolute worst way to make policy.  And I encourage all my friends to do likewise.

Please everybody, watch the video below with a sense of humor.  And, I am sure every  single one my readers knows which side of the fence I am on, anyway.  It is just funny, and a little sobering.

Thank you to the guy from Scranton with the hair plugs! Right on!

-- Michael

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