May 31, 2012

David Thomson's recent post in The New Republic

Re Lena Dunham's HBO series, Girls, is a fantastic read.  Here it is.  And, apparently, he has the same itch wanting to be scratched that I do.  That is, that these times are desperately crying out for our version of Citizen Kane.  His suggestion that Ms Dunham be the one to do that is shrewd and more than just a good idea.  Thomson is also correct that Girls simply can not sustain itself for any serious length of time.  The subject matter does not allow it.  They should wrap it up after two (or maybe) three seasons.

The "It" girl.

And, I would just like to say, with the caveat attached that Veep and Girls are by far the best things on television right now, that I did not like the turns both programs took last Sunday.  I thought Girls went sappy and cheap, and that Veep just is not as good when it becomes too serious.  (Though the last shot/scene of Veep was an absolute masterstroke last week.  So, there is hope.)  Actually, both programs will be fine, and I will seriously be suffering from withdrawal in a few weeks when they wrap.  (Plus, we have Sorkin's The Newsroom to look forward to!)  So, remember the caveat.


Today is going to be a wonderful day.  I can just feel it.  And I do not even care that the Rangers lost 21-8 (!) yesterday.


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