May 30, 2012

Even though no one else seems

To have caught London 2012 Olympics fever, I certainly have.  I have already checked the fixtures list for women's football.  That is right, this is London, after all.  They are calling it football.

The USWNT open play, unfortunately, against France.  France, starring my lovely angel, Louisa Necib, are in the same group as the US.  Both teams will certainly break from this group.  There are three groups of four and the top two from each group, plus the two best third place finishers will make the Quarters.

I love the USWNT, but they will be my second fave team in this tourney.  This is the order of love I will have for the women's football competition at London 2012:  1) France 2) USA 3) Sweden 4) England 5) Japan.  I have no love for Brazil.  I am not sure why, I just do not.

The London Olympics start at the end of July.  I am v excited, I have always loved the Olympics, and I prob always will.

Here is my sweetie:

The Marseille born, daughter of Algerian parents, French superstar, Louisa Necib.


One more thing,

Ever notice that the most pushy and annoying co-workers are always bragging about how many other different places are desperate to hire them?

Which begs the question, Well why do you not just go work somewhere else, then?

Mwah, ... 

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